Abseil for CRUK – 3 June 2019

Abseil for Cancer – 2 June 2019

The decision to ‘Take the Plunge’, off the side of a rather tall building, in this case the Francis Crick Institute in London, was not taken lightly, especially as I suffer from severe vertigo.

However, as Cancer generally shows little regard for what is neither comfortable nor familiar, I thought it apposite to place myself exactly where I normally wouldn’t – at the very top of an unfamiliar building with a view to coming down in a wholly non-conformist way.

My reason for being there of course was to raise some much needed extra funds for continued research into the various forms of Cancer, as well as increase general awareness of the work undertaken by Cancer Research UK (CRUK).

Sadly, like many reading this, I have personal experience of losing a loved one due to Cancer.

This then, was my small effort in order to make a difference.


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